BTS selected as Louis Vuitton Global Ambassador


Group BTS has been selected as the global ambassador of the world’s luxury brand Louis Vuitton.

According to Louis Vuitton on the 23rd, it announced that it has selected the Korean boy group BTS (BTS) as a global ambassador.

Virgil Abloh, the artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s men’s collections, said, “We welcome BTS to join you as an ambassador of Louis Vuitton.” “He said.

BTS also announced in an official statement, “It is a very exciting moment to become Louis Vuitton’s global ambassador.”

Bulletproof Boy Scouts, which recently collaborated with McDonald’s to unveil the ‘BTS Set’ menu, will be selected one after another as Louis Vuitton’s new global ambassador on the 23rd.
BTS has reached the top of the US Billboard main single chart’Hot 100′ and the main album chart’Billboard 200′ with the digital single ‘Dynamite’ released in August last year.

Recently, luxury brands are sending love calls to K-pop stars. Tiffany & Co, a world-renowned jewelry house in 184, selected Rosé, a member of the world-class girl group Black Pink and the representative solo artist of K-pop, as the brand’s new global ambassador. Jisoo, a member of the same group, was appointed Dior’s ambassador last month.


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