BTS K-pop singer’s first’Grammy’ award miss


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The first Korean singer to receive a Grammy nomination for the American Grammy group BTS (NARAS), the American Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS), preceded the 63rd Grammy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles, USA on the 14th. It was announced that Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande were selected as the winner of the’Best Pop Duo/Group Performance’ category at the pre-award ceremony.

‘Best Pop Duo/Group Performance’ is one of the detailed awards for the pop genre, and is given to musicians who have achieved outstanding artistic achievements in pop vocals and performances in the form of a duo, group, or collaboration. BTS was the first Korean singer last year, with the song’Dynamite’, which topped the Billboard main single chart’Hot 100′ last year. ‘S’, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande’s’Rain on Me’, and Taylor Swift and Von Eveer’s’Exile’ were nominated for this category. It was the first time that a Korean pop singer was nominated for a Grammy.

The record of receiving all three major music awards in the United States due to the failure of BTS’ awards on this day has been postponed next. Earlier, BTS has won the American Music Awards and Billboard Music Awards, which are counted as the top three music awards in the United States along with Grammy, for three and four consecutive years, respectively.

As a result, music expert critics say that Grammy has a conservative tendencies in the past, and BTS is a foreigner, not an American, so there must have been a disadvantage. Unfortunately, however, BTS interviewed at the Grammy Museum event in 2018, and stood as a winner on the stage at the Grammy Awards in 2019, followed by a celebration performance at the awards ceremony last year, and being nominated for a solo performance this year is a step closer to Grammy. It is an opinion that it means that you have followed well.

It is said that it is meaningful that it has prepared a foothold to steadily climb into the Grammy nomination and even win awards in the future. Meanwhile, at the pre-award ceremony that day, Korean-American violist Richard Yongjae O’Neill was selected as a winner in the “Best Classical Instrumental Solo” category. He was honored with the concerto for Theophanidis’s Viola and Chamber Orchestra, conducted by David Allan Miller and performed by the Albany Symphony of the United States.

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