Black Pink Rose’s solo album hits exceed 100 million

    Rosé’s solo album, the second of the girl group Black Pink members, to go on solo activity exceeded 100 million views within a week of release. This was the first KPOP female singer to set the record for achieving the shortest term.

    According to YG Entertainment, Rosé’s’On The Ground’ music video surpassed 100 million views on YouTube as of 5:55 am, which was achieved in 15 hours and 55 minutes on the 7th after its opening at 2 pm on the 12th. The fastest record among music videos released by K-Pop female solo artists exceeded 100 million views. Even considering the music video released by both men and women, it is said to be the second fastest after Psy’s “Gentleman” music video.

    The ‘On The Ground’ music video received favorable reviews from fans for not only the gorgeous and magnificent visuals, but also the sensibility of Rosé combined with the lyrics of the song singing ‘First Intention’. Global fans have proven global popularity by uploading videos that interpret MV, reaction, and remake.

    The title song of this album is “On the Ground,” and the album pre-orders exceeded 400,000 copies, setting the highest record among single albums by female solo artists in Korea.


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