Blackpink Rose’GONE’ MV released on the 5th

    The music video of ‘GONE’, the subtitle song of BlackPink Rose’s solo album, is finally released.

    A music video that surpassed 50 million views on YouTube with only a 33-second Coming Soon’ teaser video As the main story comes out, the interest of global fans is hot.

    Rosé’s’GONE’ music video poster released by YG Entertainment through its official blog The contrast between the background of red flames and the image of Rosé trapped in the backlight is intense A large number of ‘0405’ indicating the music video release schedule was engraved.

    ‘GONE’ is a song that unambiguously unfolds the mind of organizing the last lovers who have gone away.

    Other oriented the minimalist arrangement and Rosé’s appealing voice were impressive and were well received. The music video teaser video, which started with a dreamy guitar sound, is filled with sadness inside.

    Rosé’s vocals and delicate acting, expressed through various emotions, were added, capturing the eyes and ears of fans.

    From the scene where the pure white feathers fluttering powerlessly in the dark, he was lying crouched in the bathroom.

    Several metaphors are implied in one cut, such as the appearance and the rose disappearing from the burning rose. Increased the immersion of those who were there.

    YG and Rosé show off the sensational visual beauty of the title song’On The Ground’ It was a sight that gave me a glimpse of the traces of elaboration and self-confidence for a long time.

    On the other hand, Rose’s first solo album ‘R’ is a brilliant show on various global charts other than the US Billboard. It paid off. The title song ‘On The Ground’ was released in 51 countries including the US on the first day.

    It reached the top of the iTunes Top Song Chart, and the global YouTube song chart (counted from March 12 to March 18), and it also ranked first on the music video chart.

    After entering 8th place in the world’s largest music streaming platform Spotify Global Top 50 Chart Settled in the top ten.

    Then, in the Official Singles Chart Top 100 in the UK. After entering 43rd place for the first time, we once again confirmed the influence of Black Pink and individual members in the mainstream pop market.

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