BTS Grammy Awards show off the best performances


    Foreign media and fans around the world are regretting that BTS won the Grammy Awards.

    BTS was nominated for the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category at the 63rd Grammy Awards held on the 15th but unfortunately failed to win the award.

    The winner of this category was Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande. Grammy did not easily give up a spot to the Asian group, BTS, but it is accepted as a great achievement in that it is the first time a Korean pop singer has been nominated for a Grammy.

    Grammy is being criticized for being behind the trend of the times as the BTS’s awards have been defeated, and ARMY fans around the world are even making racist remarks.

    In fact, the Grammy has been evaluated as the most conservative among the three major music awards in the United States, and unlike the American Music Awards, which are operated by fan votes, or the Billboard Music Awards, which are based on Billboard data, the winners are determined by the vote of NARAS members.

    It is unfortunate, but experts say that being the first Korean singer to become a Grammy nominee is an important opportunity for world pop music history and Korean popular music.

    On this day, BTS presented a performance that culminated in the second half of the awards ceremony. At the Grammy Awards, BTS raised the status of Korean popular music by offering a dream stage’. On the day of the BTS”Dynamite’ performance, the volume of music sales and the number of music video views surged at the same time as the performance.

    On the day of the Grammy Awards Ceremony in the United States, the sales volume of sound sources increased by 2,700% compared to the previous day, and the number of music video views increased 2.3 times compared to the previous day to 6.65 million views.

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