Black Pink Rose’s solo debut album’R’ released

    Rosé, the second girl group member of Black Pink, who started solo activities,
    officially released her solo album’R’ on the 16th, and went on to work.

    At an online conference held in commemoration of the release of his solo album
    “R,” Rosé said, “The most honest image is captured. I hope for a lot of support.”

    The title song of this album is “On the Ground,” and the album pre-orders exceeded
    400,000 copies, setting the highest record among single albums by female
    solo artists in Korea.

    On the 16th at 9 am on the 16th, YG Entertainment published Rosé’s single album’R’
    jacket making film (FIRST SINGLE ALBUM -R- MAKING FILM) on the official blog.

    The video drew attention with a unique visual, starting with Rosé’s self-cam,
    who showed up in the car and crossing Rosé’s charm and dreamy alluring beauty.

    The sound source, which was released on the 12th, reached the top of the
    world-wide charts on the first day of its release, rising to the top of the
    iTunes Top Song Chart in 51 countries, including the United States.

    In addition, after entering 8th place on the world’s largest music streaming
    platform Spotify Global Top 50 chart, it has reached the top 10 and also ranked
    first in the QQ Music digital album sales chart, China’s largest music site,
    every day.

    The music video for the album title song “On The Ground” was also ranked #1
    on YouTube on the first day of its release, and currently has 80 million views.


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